Things You Should Know When Renovating Your Bathroom

Things You Should Know When Renovating Your Bathroom

The bathroom renovations have become very common these days because everybody wants to add a new and unique look to their bathroom.  Every day we watch different types of renovation ideas on the internet. And sometimes, we visit a relative and we find their bathroom really beautiful and attractive. This is what provokes us to bring significant changes to our bathroom. So, if you are looking to make some changes to your bathroom, you must keep in mind that it isn’t as easier as it appears to be.

There are some important things you should learn before you start renovating your bathroom. The reason why we are talking about this topic is that we have seen many people that started the bathroom renovation project without conducting any research and at the end of the day, they had to spend a lot of money on recovering the mistakes that they made during the renovation.

So, if you want to avoid these mistakes, you should carefully learn the things that are important for bathroom renovation projects. And there is no need to wander here and there because we are going to describe these things in this article to make your job easier.

Before moving further, we would like to tell you that if you are facing some problem in purchasing products for your bathroom renovation project, you must get in touch with the platforms like ShopToilet as they can solve your problem by providing you products according to your requirement. Let’s take a look at the things you should know when renovating your bathroom.

It is not easy

Most of the people believe that bathroom renovation projects are easier enough and they start addressing these projects on their own. Finally, at the end of the day, they consider hiring an expert to fix up the issues that they have committed during the renovation project. However, the small projects can easily be addressed on your own if you have the right equipment available.

The use of right equipment is really important in order to make your renovation project successful. So, you must hire the experts if you do not have the essential equipment available to you.


If you are looking to address a bathroom renovation project in your home, you need to prepare a budget for this project. Thus, you’d be able to find the accessories that are extremely important for this project. Make sure that you stay in your budget while preparing the renovation plan for your bathroom.

Fixing the issues

Whenever you are looking to address the bathroom renovation project, make sure that you carefully check the issues that are found in the bathroom so that you can fix them during your project. If you did not fix them while renovating your bathroom, these issues will cause a lot of damage to your bathroom in future and your entire investment will go in vain. Here are other things you should know when renovating your bathroom.…

DIY Tips For Fixing Common Bathroom Issues

DIY Tips For Fixing Common Bathroom Issues

There are many bathroom problems that homeowners commonly ignore. However, that can be a big mistake as it can lead to bigger issues. Fortunately, you don’t have to call professionals to fix some problems. If you’re used to fixing things on your own, here are common bathroom issues and how to fix them:

Leaky Faucet

When you ignore a leaky faucet, it may lead to a rise in your water bill and countless sleepless nights. To fix this, simply shut off the water and remove the faucet to get an expert’s opinion on it. These can be tricky to fix, so if you don’t want to call an expert, then it’s better just to replace the faucet.bathroom suites

Slow Drains

It will only be a matter of time before you experience this problem due to the amount of hair that ends up in the drain, especially in bathroom suites, where multiple people are using the bathroom. Good thing, this can be fixed by pouring hot water onto the drain. If that doesn’t work, use a drain snake.

Clogged Toilet

This is usually caused by flushing too much tissue paper and other unnecessary objects down the toilet. You can fix this by plunging or using a drain snake. Remember to prevent this problem in the future by putting a garbage can beside the toilet as usually people just throw stuff in the toilet and flush it when there’s no garbage can nearby.

Sewer Smells

Sewer smells can be caused by so many things including clogs, moulds or leaks. If you can’t find the root of the problem, it’s time to call a plumber. It won’t be wise to let this problem last for very long.  Unfortunately, this one is hard to get done by yourself.

Leaky Shower Head

You may put up with a leaky shower head for the time being until you see an increase in your water bill because it’s usually just a small drip. Sometimes though, solving it is as easy as replacing the gasket, so make sure to check that first.


bathroom suitesMoulds can lead to insects entering your bathroom. Unfortunately, these insects carry diseases that can get so bad that they cause you to get confined in the hospital for a few days. While it’s common to underestimate a pool of water, you may spend a lot for mould repairs if it’s not addressed quickly.  So, keep a lookout for any moulding starting to build up and address it as soon as possible.

Running Toilet

A constant running toilet can surprise you when the next water bill arrives. Hence, you must solve this problem immediately. Good thing, it’s not difficult to do so. Simply look in the tank and you may find out the solution is as simple as replacing a stuck flapper chain.  Try and listen to the toilet constantly filling up. If you hear that, it means your toilet is leaking and needs to be fixed. Otherwise, you’ll get a huge water bill at the end of the month.

Weak Water Pressure

When you’re excited to take a shower after a long day, you won’t be pleased when you encounter weak water pressure. This is usually caused by lime buildup which can be solved by replacing the shower head or some household cleaners.  Considering how inexpensive new shower heads are though, it’s usually easiest to just get a new one.

bathroom suites

Bathrooms problems can get quite costly if not addressed.  That’s why it’s important to keep a lookout for some of the problems mentioned above.  If you want more detailed explanations, let us know in the comments!

5 DIY Tips to Fix a Clogged Toilet

5 DIY Tips to Fix a Clogged Toilet

The clogged toilet is the most annoying situation that someone can face in their life. There are lots of people that go through such problems once or twice in their lives. And most of the times, they end up calling a plumber because they believe that only plumber can handle this job better. There is no doubt that such kind of issues need to be handled very carefully but it doesn’t mean that an average person can’t address this issue.

The plumbers are also humans like you and they are also going to use some tools to unclog your toilet. They don’t have any kind of magic sticks in their hands. In simple words, you can also unclog your toilet by following a few simple steps. All you need to do is to arrange the tools that can be helpful in unclogging the toilet.

In the case of an emergency, you won’t have enough time to go and purchase these tools, therefore, you should purchase these tools from ShopToilet before the problem actually appears. Thus, you’d always be prepared to deal with such kind of issues. Now that you have purchased the essential tools, you may take a look at the 5 DIY tips to fix a clogged toilet.

Keep the toilet from overflowing

You should avoid flushing the toilet if it is not flushing properly. In fact, you should close the toilet flapper in the toilet tank so that it may not send more water to the toilet. The flapper is usually attached to a chain and it looks like a circular drain stopper. There is nothing wrong with putting your hand in the tank because the tank’s water isn’t dirty at all.

Clear the obstruction

If the obstruction is clearly visible and you can remove it with your hands or some other tools, then you should step forward and clear the obstruction as soon as possible. Sometimes, the objects are stuck in a place where your hands cannot reach. In this situation, you should avoid using the hands and start looking for some other ways to remove the obstruction.


The plunger may play an important role in unclogging the toilet. So, you must keep a plunger in your bathroom all the time. The plunger pulls the obstruction out of the toilet and makes the path clear for the water. This is the most efficient and fastest way of unclogging the toilet.

Use an enzyme product

The enzyme products can also help a lot in unclogging the toilet. There are numerous enzyme products available. You must carefully read the features of the product before purchasing it. And make sure that you carefully read the directions before using the product.

Make a drain cleaner

You can use a combination of baking soda and vinegar to create a drain cleaner. This drain cleaner is really strong and it helps a lot in unclogging your toilet within a few seconds. Click Here and find some other ways to fix a clogged toilet.…

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