The clogged toilet is the most annoying situation that someone can face in their life. There are lots of people that go through such problems once or twice in their lives. And most of the times, they end up calling a plumber because they believe that only plumber can handle this job better. There is no doubt that such kind of issues need to be handled very carefully but it doesn’t mean that an average person can’t address this issue.

The plumbers are also humans like you and they are also going to use some tools to unclog your toilet. They don’t have any kind of magic sticks in their hands. In simple words, you can also unclog your toilet by following a few simple steps. All you need to do is to arrange the tools that can be helpful in unclogging the toilet.

In the case of an emergency, you won’t have enough time to go and purchase these tools, therefore, you should purchase these tools from ShopToilet before the problem actually appears. Thus, you’d always be prepared to deal with such kind of issues. Now that you have purchased the essential tools, you may take a look at the 5 DIY tips to fix a clogged toilet.

Keep the toilet from overflowing

You should avoid flushing the toilet if it is not flushing properly. In fact, you should close the toilet flapper in the toilet tank so that it may not send more water to the toilet. The flapper is usually attached to a chain and it looks like a circular drain stopper. There is nothing wrong with putting your hand in the tank because the tank’s water isn’t dirty at all.

Clear the obstruction

If the obstruction is clearly visible and you can remove it with your hands or some other tools, then you should step forward and clear the obstruction as soon as possible. Sometimes, the objects are stuck in a place where your hands cannot reach. In this situation, you should avoid using the hands and start looking for some other ways to remove the obstruction.


The plunger may play an important role in unclogging the toilet. So, you must keep a plunger in your bathroom all the time. The plunger pulls the obstruction out of the toilet and makes the path clear for the water. This is the most efficient and fastest way of unclogging the toilet.

Use an enzyme product

The enzyme products can also help a lot in unclogging the toilet. There are numerous enzyme products available. You must carefully read the features of the product before purchasing it. And make sure that you carefully read the directions before using the product.

Make a drain cleaner

You can use a combination of baking soda and vinegar to create a drain cleaner. This drain cleaner is really strong and it helps a lot in unclogging your toilet within a few seconds. Click Here and find some other ways to fix a clogged toilet.

5 DIY Tips to Fix a Clogged Toilet

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