Plumber Reacts to FUNNY PLUMBING on Reddit

In the video “Plumber Reacts to FUNNY PLUMBING on Reddit” by Roger Wakefield, viewers are in for a treat as the plumber reacts to a variety of hilarious and mind-boggling plumbing pictures and videos from Reddit’s r/plumbing subreddit. Roger Wakefield, a LEED AP and expert plumber, shares his expertise and provides feedback on various plumbing installations, including a cracked water heater, a water leak in a bathtub, and a clogged sewer line. The video not only entertains homeowners and plumbers but also offers valuable advice on plumbing projects and the importance of proper installations. Throughout the video, Roger showcases his merchandise and provides links to his subreddit, membership page, and social media accounts.

One interesting discussion topic that arises in the video is the issue of fixing roofs and parking garages, highlighting the challenges faced by plumbers in different scenarios. The video also sheds light on the struggles of mixing old houses with new bathroom remodels. Roger Wakefield emphasizes the significance of clean plumbing jobs and provides suggestions, such as the use of primer. Furthermore, the video touches on various plumbing observations and even addresses broader issues like the lack of access to clean drinking water for millions of Texans, encouraging volunteer plumbers to assist organizations such as Plumbers Without Borders and Dig Deep.

Plumber Reacts to FUNNY PLUMBING on Reddit

Introduction of the video

In the video titled “Plumber Reacts to FUNNY PLUMBING on Reddit,” we join expert plumber Roger Wakefield as he reacts to plumbing pictures and videos on Reddit’s r/plumbing subreddit. As the title suggests, the video showcases funny and insane plumbing pictures and videos that are sure to entertain both homeowners and fellow plumbers.

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Overview of Roger Wakefield

Roger Wakefield is not your average plumber. He is a LEED AP and a well-respected expert in his field. Not only does he teach homeowners how to save money on their plumbing projects through DIY plumbing, but he also helps plumbers run successful plumbing businesses. His goal is to educate and empower people with all the necessary knowledge about plumbing.

Description of the video content

In the video, Roger reacts and provides commentary on various plumbing installations and situations captured in pictures and videos from Reddit. From cracked water heaters and bathtub leaks to clogged sewer lines and roof repairs, Roger shares his expertise and offers advice on the plumbing jobs shown in the pictures.

Links to Roger Wakefield’s subreddit, membership page, and merchandise

If you want to dive deeper into the world of plumbing and interact with Roger, he provides links to his subreddit, membership page, and merchandise in the video description. These resources allow you to connect with Roger and access exclusive content and merchandise related to plumbing.

Plumber Reacts to FUNNY PLUMBING on Reddit

Information on Roger’s social media accounts and the gear he uses

Roger is an active presence on social media, and in the video, he shares his various accounts for easy access. From Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter and Instagram, you can stay updated with Roger’s plumbing content and engage with him on these platforms. Additionally, Roger also mentions the gear he uses in his plumbing work, providing insights into the tools and equipment that make his job easier and more efficient.

Commentary on Plumbing Installations and Situations

Cracked water heater

The video starts with a picture of a cracked water heater, which the sellers of the house failed to disclose to the buyer. Roger praises the clean installation of the tankless water heater but suggests using less solder. Overall, he commends the installer for a job well done.

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Water leak in a bathtub

Next, Roger reacts to a picture of water leaking from the bottom of a fiberglass bathtub. He expresses confusion about how water could be under the tub and jokes about not wanting to install that brand.

Clogged sewer line due to roots

Roger addresses a picture of roots being pulled out of a clogged sewer line. He explains the significance of such an issue and emphasizes the need to fix the underlying problem to prevent further damage and recurring clogs.

Discussion about fixing the roof and parking garage work

The video also features a discussion regarding fixing the roof and the importance of installing risers in parking garages. Roger shares his experience and insights on the subject, highlighting the need for strategic placement to avoid damage from cars.

Mention of old houses and new bathroom remodels not mixing well

Old houses and new bathroom remodels can present unique challenges. Roger briefly discusses this issue, emphasizing the importance of properly cleaning out the sewer before starting any remodeling work.

Appreciation for a clean plumbing job and suggestion to use primer

Roger praises a clean plumbing job showcased in a picture and suggests the use of primer for future installations. He explains the benefits of primer and how it contributes to a well-executed plumbing job.

Discussion about glass and water filling time for a bath

Roger comments on a picture involving the use of a glass to catch water while waiting for the bathtub to fill. He humorously suggests either catching the water or waiting 45 minutes for a bath, highlighting the inefficiency of the setup.

Analysis of a plumbing issue in a restaurant mechanical room

The video shows a picture of a plumbing issue in a restaurant mechanical room. Roger analyzes the situation, providing valuable insights and recommendations to address the problem effectively.

Mention of the importance of mouse traps in restaurants

Roger mentions the importance of mouse traps in restaurants to keep rodents away from plumbing and food areas. He emphasizes the need for proper pest control measures in commercial establishments.

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Critique of a plumbing job built into mortar and lack of hose accessibility

Lastly, Roger critiques a plumbing job that was built into mortar, making it difficult to access. He highlights the importance of accessibility and ease of maintenance when it comes to plumbing installations.

Plumber Reacts to FUNNY PLUMBING on Reddit

Observations and Speculations

Copper drain with holes at the bottom

Roger observes a copper drain with holes at the bottom and speculates on the cause of the issue. He raises questions about potential corrosion or manufacturing defects, showcasing his expertise and curiosity about plumbing phenomena.

Uncertainty about a hose and request for clarification on repairs made

In one of the pictures, Roger encounters a confusing setup involving a hose and requests clarification on the repairs made. He uses this opportunity to engage with the audience and foster a deeper understanding of the plumbing work shown.

Description of a confusing plumbing setup with multiple p-traps and incorrect connections

Roger describes a plumbing setup in a picture that features multiple p-traps and incorrect connections. He highlights the confusion and potential issues created by this kind of setup, further emphasizing the need for proper plumbing practices.

Discussion on Plumbing Issues Outside the Video

Lack of access to clean drinking water for millions of Texans

As the video concludes, Roger shifts the focus to the lack of access to clean drinking water for millions of Texans. He highlights the importance of addressing this issue and mentions organizations like Plumbers Without Borders and Dig Deep that work to provide clean water to those in need. He encourages volunteer plumbers to get involved and make a difference.

Need for volunteer plumbers to help organizations like Plumbers Without Borders and Dig Deep

Building on the previous point, Roger emphasizes the need for volunteer plumbers to support organizations like Plumbers Without Borders and Dig Deep. He stresses the impact that skilled plumbers can have in providing clean water to communities in need and encourages his audience to consider volunteering their time and expertise.

By providing a comprehensive commentary on various plumbing installations, situations, and issues, this video by Roger Wakefield offers both entertainment and valuable insights to homeowners and plumbers alike. With his expertise and candid approach, Roger brings a unique perspective to the world of plumbing and highlights the importance of proper plumbing practices and support for clean water initiatives.

Plumber Reacts to FUNNY PLUMBING on Reddit